Marcia is Amused.

Sep 28 2010
Trust me. She likes it.

Trust me. She likes it.

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  1. americasnexttoptumblr reblogged this from mar-see-ah and added:
    Maddie is selling those jeans, giving us couture and high fashion without loosing her neck. Suck it Anna Wintour; this...
  2. haygirlhay said: Oh ho, morning made. I had a good chortle just now. Yes, chortle.
  3. raabsy said: LOL…LOL…
  4. myheartgoespitterpatter said: i want a coffee table book of all these maddie outfits
  5. dontsprainyourvagina said: Funemployment indeed.
  6. hugeinjapan said: I like this photo series very much.
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