Marcia is Amused.

May 31 2012

Obviously I try to present my best self on this blog.

That’s what a blog is for.


I have issues.

I’m sad, I refuse to clean, I am lazy, I would rather spend more time in my bed than anywhere else, I yell at my dog, my husband, my friends. I am simultaneously super vain about my body and find it to be an incredible disaster that I could never love. I’m selfish, I don’t live up to my potential, and I don’t follow through with plans. I’m judgmental and cavalier. I lie and I can never keep a secret. I dress inappropriately for the weather. 


Everyone has issues. Every perfect person is troubled. And everyone is worthy.

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    I think Marcia and I are the same person.Didn’t dashboard much yesterday and am loving catching up…
  2. noraleah said: oh girl, this made me laugh and nod and ache a little. yes, a million times yes.
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