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Jul 20 2012

A perfect rainy-day lunch: Babbo and Meg.

Babbo is finally open for lunch and only 5 blocks from my house, so Meg had the brilliant idea to get reservations, take the afternoon off of work, and invite me.

We shared this marinated eggplant, corn, hot pepper, and maybe mint? appetizer as well as an unpictured (Meg will post something later, I know she snapped it) market beans with quail egg. And then I had a delightful stack of skirt steak and roasted potatoes. I love that the steak also came with a side of very fancy evaporated sea salt - necessary for a steak.

The best part? Beyond the delicious food and the impeccable service? As we left the hostess held the door open for us and, as we both took out umbrellas, she said, “Just so you know, it’s supposed to rain off and on all afternoon.” Food and a weather report. Perfect.

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  1. kiss-distinctly-american said: I am drooooooooling.
  2. section9 said: Looks delicious.
  3. aatombomb said: jealous! I love Meg! and you! and food!
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