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Sep 27 2012
Pizzas at Otto.

Pizzas at Otto.

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    Pre-Celiac, I always ordered the pizza with the egg at Otto
  2. babytakesmanhattan said: I knew it the min I glanced at the pic. Tell me you also got olive oil gelato?!
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    See ya in November Mario!
  4. jukeboxholidayer said: Yes, yes, yes! Added to the list!
  5. nyminute said: I was just there tonight, too!
  6. meesharose said: I go to Ottos once a year and I look forward to it all year!
  7. nibblesandbits said: Stop it some more!!! I’ve been wanting to go there.
  8. boggle- said: god i love that place. i remember the creme fresh gelato being particularly amazing.
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