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Nov 07 2012

College Things that I’ve Just Remembered that are Awesome and I Want

Peppermint Patties. A shot of peppermint schnapps with chocolate syrup.


The snow makes me want this so badly, but… Schnapps? Chocolate Syrup? Mixed in one’s own mouth?

I hate being an adult.

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  1. whatyousaybabyk said: put it in hot chocolate. yummmmmmm.
  2. jodilyn said: DUDE. these are just as good now as they were in college. we did them at a recent party and it was amazing. doooo itttttt!
  3. sotheresthat said: I totally have a bottle of peppermint schnapps in my house, though I have no idea why. This sounds so horrible I may have to try it.
  4. phd-shakennotstirred said: holy shit…totally having these at my next phd party…and these are anti-adult how?
  5. justmerambling said: i remember doing so many peppermint patty shots before a guster concert in stepan. i remember thinking they were so good i couldnt possibly get drunk off them!
  6. chiaraatik said: I want a peppermint patty right NOW!
  7. anonymoustumblesbian said: dirty girlscouts!
  8. operationfailure said: I’ll never tell (yes).
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