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Nov 13 2012

It’s 3:30 and all I’ve eaten today is a granola bar.

How do I keep doing this? What should I eat? I had tacos already yesterday! Am I allowed to have tacos again? What do adults do?

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  1. hellokatie said: adults have tacos whenever they want because they can
  2. caffeineandsarcasm said: I had tacos yesterday and the day before, there is no wrong day for tacos.
  3. falcor said: Adults eat whatever they want
  4. wanderingtexans said: This adult just went and ate a quarter BBQ chicken & Cajun fries at 10 am. Eating whatever you want (whenever you want) is one of the best parts f being an adult.
  5. eoporto answered: being an adult means eatind what you want!
  6. operationfailure said: I had an apple. Stop by the office with tacos. I’ll sign you in AND reimburse you!
  7. thedivineashley answered: I had tacos for lunch and will be making tacos for dinner. NO REGRETS.
  8. davenport-6 answered: Yes, have tacos!
  9. caracaracara answered: Tacos. Definitely tacos.
  10. harharhar answered: Adults eat tacos any damn time they please.
  11. brownandigetdown answered: Taco Tuesday!
  12. aatombomb answered: the correct answer is always tacos. and gin.
  13. section9 said: Tacos…. tacos every day.
  14. furiousfurious answered: Have tacos
  15. mar-see-ah posted this
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