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Nov 19 2012

Favorite Thanksgiving Food?

I’ll start.

I LOVE STUFFING. I can’t believe I don’t make it more than just Thanksgiving. But also: MASHED POTATOES.

(Basically give me all the carbs. And some cranberry sauce to cut the richness of all the gravy and butter and cream.)

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  1. callmejessca answered: Canned cranberry sauce. With Salt. Forever and a day.
  2. overflowing answered: Same here. Mom’s stuffing and G’mom’s sweet potatoes. Highly likely my whole plate is filled with carbs.
  3. averyhappylife said: Stuffing is one of my favorite “sides” any time of year. SO DELISH!
  4. seajo answered: Stuffing, but also my mom’s family does this creamed dried sweet corn that is amazing.
  5. ideleteme answered: mashed potatoes only
  6. pinkseersucker answered: I don’t even really like turkey, I just like the stuffing and the mashed potatoes!
  7. sparklingpants said: Champagne
  8. herblondness answered: Gravy. Forever and ever and sopped up with bread and soaked onto stuffing and drowning my turkey.
  9. lizlemon answered: Bread. Buttery, buttery bread. And pie!!!
  10. nyclust said: stuffing. and just the amount of butter i get to use in general.
  11. davenport-6 reblogged this from mar-see-ah and added:
    Stuffing and mashed potatoes here, too, although I’m also a big fan of roasted Brussels sprouts and stewed corn, which I...
  12. iamdawt answered: I took over the job of making the clover leaf rolls my dad used to make; it’s my favorite taste-memory. I especially like all the leftovers!
  13. queenieinmanhattan answered: I like the pies. And the excuse to drown brussels sprouts in cream, bacon and maple syrup.
  14. cats-books-donuts answered: Stuff is my favorite too!
  15. galapagosgal said: gravy and mashed potatoes
  16. talesfromthecrypt answered: Green bean casserole 4ever
  17. lenorebeadsman said: I’m making stuffing tonight. I was going to last night but Greg asked “do we have anything to go with it?” Um. “With?” I don’t understand. So I picked up some chicken to roast as an excuse to eat stuffing.
  18. nibblesandbits answered: YES to stuffing, and gravy in and of itself. I could drink gravy.
  19. wanderingtexans answered: Cranberry sauce on everything.
  20. megsokay answered: My mom used to put out crackers with WINE CHEESE during the day. At 6, I would beg her to put it out immediately following breakfast.
  21. stickyhide answered: TWICE BAKED POTATOES
  23. ellegolightly said: Mashed potatoes and BISCUITS.
  24. vrai-lean-uh answered: STUFFING. And pumpkin pie.
  25. notnadia answered: Sweet potato casserole! Holy crap, I could probably eat an entire dish all by myself.
  26. whiskeybentandhellbound answered: Green bean casserole FO SHO.
  27. angrygirlfrienddiaries answered: Love stuffing! And mashed potatoes. And brussel sprouts!
  28. elizabethanne answered: um EVERYTHING!
  29. swooncityyy answered: STUFFING AND CRANBERRY SAUCE FOREVER
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