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Nov 20 2012

Weirdest/Nontraditional Food at Your Family’s Thanksgiving?

Since yesterday’s favorite food was such a hit.

My family makes these Sweet Potato Balls - spiced sweet potato wrapped around a large marshmallow, rolled in pecans, and baked. What? My cousin Ara once ate 6 of them in one sitting… and hasn’t touched them since.

We also make rigatoni and homemade sauce with sausages, meatballs, and braised beef. Obviously. Because we know what we love.

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  1. teachingstarstotwinkle said: Sounds just like Ara!
  2. digitaljourney answered: My grandmother has started boycotting turkey dinners at Christmas, and now makes lobster instead. Yum :)
  3. sparklingpants answered: if there is not shrimp cocktail, it’s not Thanksgiving.
  4. hugeinjapan said: We deep fry an entire side of bacon prior to frying the turkey. For reasons.
  5. librarianpirate said: green bean casserole is gross.
  6. librarianpirate answered: I need to make my spicy garlic green beans for you someday. They are my favorite of my new additions to Thanksgiving.
  7. emilyposts answered: PEROGGIES
  8. talesfromthecrypt answered: After a certain point/number of bottles of wine my mom usually starts making everyone take shots of tequila. That counts right?
  9. galapagosgal answered: My Mom used to make this jello salad monstrosity. It had lime jello, cream cheese and pineapple. My brother loves it.
  10. stickyhide answered: frosted cranberry salad? It’s lemon jello, jelled cranberry, pinapple, ginger ale and pecans, set up and topped with cream cheese DreamWhip.
  11. imeanduh answered: when my sister (finally) turned 21, my mother instituted mandatory jello shots for thanksgiving.
  12. nirak said: My grandma used to make grated carrots in green jello. I think it is a Midwest thing.
  13. jhermann answered: "Tasty Goodness" - mashed cauliflower with an herby cheesy cream sauce. My uncle brought it once eight or ten years ago and it’s a staple now
  14. seajo answered: I only now answered favorite, and it’s the same, a creamed driet sweet corn my mom’s family does. It’s amazing.
  15. boggle- said: oh dude. that’s like, sweet potato arancini. and i want some.
  16. heylaney said: We definitely “Greekify” Thanksgiving - spanakopita, roasted Greek lemon/oregano potatoes, etc. It’s the food I look forward to most!
  17. heylaney answered: We definitely
  18. pizzatoporkpie said: We always have a baked ziti or lasagne because my (British) mom is convinced that she’s secretly Italian.
  19. ellegolightly answered: Holy shit those sweet potato balls sound divine. My fam does pumpkin whoopie pies, baked brie, and these weird muffins - all delish.
  20. elizabethanne answered: buffalo chicken dip - during the main meal. I once got a blister on my lip because I shoved it into my mouth while it was still insanely hot
  21. megsokay answered: One time we carved our turkey and it had cancerous growths so we couldn’t eat it. That’s weird.
  22. whatyousaybabyk answered: I want a rigatoni thanksgiving.
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