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Nov 26 2012

My most important tip for chopping onions:


The onion essence reacts with your tears to create an acid in your eyes. It’s not going to stop hurting until you’ve cried it out. So cry.

(Also wearing contacts REALLY helps. I don’t know why.)

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  1. barryroxmisox reblogged this from iamlittlei and added:
    Huh. So my contacts are why I’ve never cried while cutting an onion. Interesting. I thought I had some superpower...
  2. stickyhide said: Amen to the contacts.
  3. sdotmarymartha said: sunglasses. I’ve been known to wear sunglasses while chopping
  4. grabb said: I read once that “the sharper your knife the less you cry”…which is also the title of a delightful book by Kathleen Flinn!
  5. falconieri said: Cut the onion next to your stove burner while lit.…
  6. freckledog reblogged this from mar-see-ah and added:
    Important onion life tip: it’s not going to stop hurting until you’ve cried it out.
  7. youtastelikenachos said: I have onion goggles from Sur La Table and THEY WORK REALLY WELL even though they make me look like a douche.
  8. bthny said: at my shitty sandwich-wrap shop job in college they made me chop onions because I wore contacts. I think I purposefully stopped wearing contacts to work because I didn’t want to chop onions.
  9. onemanswords said: also chewing gum, the mintier the better. it definitely prevents all the tears.
  10. queenieinmanhattan said: I often wear my glasses, which helps, too.
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  12. perkieandmowgli said: I don’t cry at all with contacts in (I also wear really thick contacts for astigmatism) and can hardly chop onions without contacts for the tears
  13. iamlittlei reblogged this from positivelypersistentteach and added:
    I mean, this is pretty much all there is to it, but I can add a little because this is a great example of the cool...
  14. helveticafutura said: If it’s really bad, I stick my head in the freezer for a few seconds. It helps!
  15. virtualephemera said: Onions have never made me cry. I am a freak of nature.
  16. khealywu said: Glasses help a bit.
  17. evangotlib reblogged this from mar-see-ah and added:
    Another thing you can do is chop the onions on top of paper toweling dipped in vinegar. The vingar absorbs most of the...
  18. sotheresthat said: Contacts totally help. I never cry, it’s brilliant.
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