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Nov 27 2012

Shop for me?

I want a new nicer winter coat - J.Crew with thinsulate ish warmth, and I would go with that, but I don’t love any of the three styles with thinsulate that they have right now. I’m all over the map here. But bottom line: I’ve given all my coats that are not spring or early fall weight, except my huge puffer coat, to charity. I NEED SOMETHING. Throw ALL THE IDEAS at me. Something has got to stick.

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  1. stay-c answered: Girl, get to Lands End. They have 50% off right now. Not sure if thinsulate, but coats are JCrew-ish and cute. You could get more than 1
  2. herblondness said: I am getting a lands end. If you want link, message me.
  3. slyeee said:
  4. perkieandmowgli answered: I got a great Reiss coat that I love last year, and it’s really warm, and can fit a little Eddie Bauer down puffer under it if really cold.
  5. bthny said: I also need this, except I need it to accomodate large boobs on a short-but-fat frame
  6. annagrace220 said: also, from there*. it’s been a long day
  7. annagrace220 answered: ok granny alert - talbots actually has some cute coats with thinsulate. I got one from their last year and I am really happy with it!
  8. orangutannie answered: There’s a fab red and black plaid one on JCrew that I feel you would be amazing in. Not sure about warmth though
  9. accordingtojennifer answered: I purchased the double cloth slim trench from j.crew and i’m pleasantly surprised by how warm it is! 30% off right now too!
  10. lifeofdani answered: Aritzia has some cute ones that have a warm lining
  11. youtastelikenachos answered: All I have to say is do not get a J.Crew coat. Their lining rips immediately.
  12. dopemove answered: H&M or Uniqlo (if there’s one near you)
  13. whineandbeer answered: This is my problem too. I still have a Michael Kors one that I like but it’s getting ratty. Let us know what you pick out!
  14. notnadia answered: I’m dying for all the military-esque maxi coats I’m seeing on the subway lately.
  16. queenieinmanhattan answered: Mackage?
  17. wanderlusternyc said: Check out soia and kyo. I love my winter coat from them. Look at gilt or a dept store for sales. I got mine at lord and Taylor for like 40% off.
  18. kelsium answered: I have a silk/wool blend CK coat I love. They’re having a big sale right now, too.
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