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Nov 28 2012

I have never:

  • Seen Love Actually
  • Bought a lottery ticket
  • Watched 2 1/2 Men (or any number of other popular multi-camera sitcoms)

I was going to keep this list going, but this seems sufficient to get me kicked off of tumblr, so I’ll stop now.

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  1. nibblesandbits said: I’m with you on the last 2. Did you take that PBS “bubble” quiz? You might be the only person to score lower than I.
  2. entangled said: What makes you think tumblr likes 2.5 Men?
  3. falcor said: Love actually is confusing, its like a sitcom movie, too many people/stories. 2 1/2 men is a horrible show anyway, no loss there. Lottery, you and matt seem pretty well off, so why would you?
  4. herblondness said: Sister, I am with you on 1 and 3.
  5. sparklingpants said: I’ve only seen Love Actually once in the theater when it was released. But it’s cute. I’d watch it again.
  6. whatevermethinks said: Actually Love Actually - the part with Colin Firth - is delightful. I don’t get those sitcoms either?
  7. averyhappylife said: Ew! Does ANYONE watch 2.5 Men? (I happen to fall in the camp of loving Love Actually though. Some of the characters are absurd and endearing.)
  8. useyourindoorvoice said: Don’t do any of them. I’ve seen Love Actually and really hated it. I’ve bought a lotto ticket b/c it’s fun to imagine winning but it really is a waste of money.
  9. geneticandunattainable said: I totally back this and they all apply to me, as well.
  10. messily said: Wait, there are people on tumblr who watch Two and a Half Men? Really?
  11. ellegolightly said: I’m only upset by the first one. IT’S SO GOOD MARCIAAAAAA!
  12. sotheresthat said: I’ve only ever done the first. Well, I’ve seen a couple minutes of 2.5 men in passing, just enough to confirm that it’s the worst thing ever, so I don’t think that counts as watching.
  13. bareback--contessa said: I am the same except I have bought a lottery ticket…
  14. zoearcher said: I’ve bought a lottery ticket. That’s it.
  15. noraleah said: love actually is full of truly terrible messages about love. no clue why it’s adored as it is (must be same ppl who think pretty woman is an admirable love story). so don’t break down! never see it!
  16. catherine said: Two and a Half Men is a terrible show.
  17. buildingaladder said: There are people on tumblr who watch two and a half men????
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