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Dec 02 2012

Anonymous said: I'm getting married next month and and as much as I've tried to avoid the OMG DIVORCE stories, well, I'm a little scared. Tips for a happy marriage?

  • Try to make your partner happy.
  • Don’t stress over the small stuff. If socks on the floor drive you nuts, talk about it, find a solution, and don’t wait until you’re screaming about socks.
  • Remember that you love each other.

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  1. sparklingpants said: My socks are always on the floor. I think I’m the husband.
  2. virtualephemera said: Also? Sometimes you have to choose your battles. Socks on the floor is seriously THE thing that drives me crazy about my husband (no joke) and one day I was like, “It’s socks. If this is the biggest problem in my marriage, we are doing great.”,
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