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Dec 02 2012

Anonymous said: What did you major in? Why don't you work now? Have you worked before?

  • Theology.
  • I don’t have to and I’d rather spend my time volunteering.
  • I worked in publishing for 5 years. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds.

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  1. unepetitesouris said: phd-shakennotstirred is an asshole. you are lucky and we are all fucking jealous.
  2. nibblesandbits said: Fascinated by the theology major, would love to hear your thoughts on religion. I realize that’s a broad topic…
  3. phd-shakennotstirred said: Bahahaha…theology.
  4. jakke said: Wait what happened to the salsa production?
  5. mar-see-ah posted this
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