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Dec 04 2012

Anonymous said: you are the definition of a butterface

Oh, so you like my body? THANKS!!

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  1. douglasmartini said: Total bullshit.
  2. lizlemon said: Your response is amazing.
  3. nerdshares said: Haters always seem to have a surplus of time and a deficit of backbone. What up with that.
  4. nibblesandbits said: Weak. And clearly false.
  5. averygooddog said: Sometimes I miss having haters for the sole purpose of judging their fucking abysmal grammar.
  6. useyourindoorvoice said: Looks like that anon is the definition of a dick.
  7. nyclust said: i just…what???
  8. virtualephemera said: Also? BUTTER IS DELICIOUS. BOOM.
  9. karion said: I laughed wickedly. First at your response, then when I imagined how much of a miserable fuck that person must be.
  10. ex-genius said: Psssssshhhhhh fuck the haters, you fine girl.
  11. mcdavis said: I’m so confused. THERE IS NO BUTTER ON YOUR FACE.
  12. stickyhide said: What in the actual fuck.
  13. ellegolightly said: Hahahahaha you are the best for this response.
  14. bricksandmortarandchewinggum said: boo. whatever.
  15. operationfailure said: Rude.
  16. earl-hof-ert said: I’m really glad to know that you have a fratboy segment to your blog audience.
  17. jjae said: Not only an asshole, but dead wrong! WTF.
  18. greengoldandgrey said: who even says that?
  19. waitingonoblivion said: idiots
  20. herblondness said: Nothing better than a fucking coward.
  21. tehvalerie said: I really have a difficult time understanding what in the actual fuck is wrong with people.
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