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Dec 07 2012

I had a dream about the Pope two nights ago.

I think because of all the coverage about his joining Twitter. (I love the Pope’s arrogance. He only follows 7 other twitters, and those are just his own twitter feed in German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Italian, and Arabic. And those twitter feeds also only follow 7 other twitters…)

Whatever. Anyway, it wasn’t Benedict XVI (ne Ratzinger), but a new pope. A different old, skinny white guy. That I liked the look of! Grandfatherly. And heĀ  wasn’t a really awful, horrid, lying person. Or at least not Ratziner. BUT. I was just shocked and confused as I always (the one time that a pope was chosen in my life) follow the papal elections closely. And it wasn’t anyone who people suspect will be the next pope (and definitely not Turkson or Bergoglio). I studied Theology at a major Catholic university, for God’s sake!

So the new Pope was another old Italian white man and I wasn’t even upset. I was just bored.

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