Marcia is Amused.

Dec 11 2012
  • Matt: I'm super excited about going to 11MP tonight
  • Me: I'm so jealous. Maddie and I are going to have a 16 course Taco Bell feast as compensation.
  • Matt: Isn't that just a 20 pack?

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  1. perkieandmowgli said: Whatever we had drinks and it was AWESOME. Also Mowgli did not poop in my house. I have the best dog ever.
  2. servingbowl said: is that a client meeting?? how come spouses can’t come anymore?
  3. madrassoup said: I haven’t been since they decided to go from Perfectly Amazing to the Home of The 4-Hour Magic Show with a Side of Food, but my bet is that you’re probably better off with Taco Bell.
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