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Dec 13 2012

That time when someone reblogs you with incredibly racist commentary (check the notes to see what he originally said) and you’re so annoyed/upset that you open up a bottle of wine.

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  1. lizlemon said: Judaism isn’t a race.
  2. phd-shakennotstirred said: Who is this douchebag?
  3. bthny said: dsa;gjaslgjad;sgh;dasdghlaks;ghas;ghlasghsa;gha; and lord knows I have PLENTY of issues with the Hasid community
  4. bostongrits said: Hm. I agree with you. We were on Broadway yesterday and had a Mitzvah van full of singing happy Jews. I loved it and I love NY.
  5. natface said:…
  6. warrennotg said: "a group whose ranks are filled with rapists and womanizers and their defenders"? uh, can’t you say that about, I dunno, the entire human race?
  7. boggle- said: nooooo
  8. mar-see-ah posted this
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