Marcia is Amused.

Jan 02 2013

Things I just said out loud to my empty house/computer:

Your children have insufferable names, I will not follow you.

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  1. mycircus-mymonkeys said: Oh God, it’s not me is it? Because I used code names on here for privacy purposes. As much as I love TKM, I did not legally name my children Jem & Scout.
  2. ellegolightly said: I must know these names. MUST
  3. mavieenrose said: Names please.
  4. helms-deep said: (Checks to see if you follow me)
  5. jennyjennybobenny said: I would like to know the names, please.
  6. angrygirlfrienddiaries said: Oooh what were the names??
  7. mar-see-ah posted this
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