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Jan 12 2013

There is a shitshow on MSNBC right now.

  • (Larry Ward, Chariman of Gun Appreciation Day, posits there are three reasons we need gun - to defend self and property, to defend against foreign invaders, and to defend against tyranny from our own government. Thomas Roberts, MSNBC anchor, posits that the government has better weapons than we do and could crush the populace if they decided to turn tyrannic, with drones and nuclear arms.)
  • Thomas Roberts: If they wanted to release the military arms that our country has, that they've developed, that our tax dollars have actually developed in our defense department, if they wanted to unleash that on Americans, you and your gun wouldn't stand a chance.
  • Larry Ward: well, I disagree with that. Because we've unleashed those weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan and we haven't done the greatest job there. So if we look at what's going on -
  • Thomas: So now for Gun Appreciation Day you're going to knock our military and what we've been able to do in Iraq and Afghanistan and say that we're not doing a good job there??
  • Larry: I'm not, I'm not, I'm not knocking the military!

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  1. ro-s-a-spark-s said: The pro-gun people are completely bananas.
  2. shorterexcerpts said: This is the same guy who earlier claimed slavery wouldn’t have happened if African Americans had guns.
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