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Jan 16 2013

This Manti thing is the new Tara Michelle

And I do not like.

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  1. mcdavis said: I wonder how many people get these references still…
  2. laurenelizabits said: All we need now is for Tebow to wind up in a stupidinboston situation, and we’ll have a full-on tumblr reunion up in here
  3. boggle- said: OG tumblr was some craaazy shit.
  4. digitaljourney said: Holy shit, I had not seen this when I replied before. This is totally ridiculous.
  5. galapagosgal said: WOW. I don’t know what to think about all this.
  6. trackster said: Full on crazy. I think he’s in a relationship with that dude, and this was all an elaborate, extremely misguided attempt at a cover up.
  7. averygooddog said: trying to text you…was there ever gay speculation about him that he could have possibly been trying to cover up?
  8. hellokatie said: who is tara michelle…
  9. fullcredit said: OMG
  10. mar-see-ah posted this
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