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Jan 20 2013

I hate Michelle Obama’s bangs.

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  1. shinyredballoon reblogged this from mar-see-ah and added:
    I feel like they make her look younger. I love bangs on everyone. I wish I had them.
  2. freckledog said: Controversial opinions!
  3. brooklynmutt said: troll.
  4. catherine said: It’s not a good look.
  5. livingintraffic said: Me too!
  6. chiaraatik said: Yeah, I think I do, too. :-(
  7. notnadia said: Whoa.
  8. davenport-6 said: I love Michelle but I agree; the bangs have GOT to go.
  9. yfox said: I hate most peoples’ bangs.
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