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Jan 21 2013

I feel that the inauguration is always the parade of pretty coats.

And this year didn’t disappoint.

Michelle was flawless, Malia and Sasha were appropriate and adorable and showing their personalities.

The justices were ridiculous - or really just Scalia and Breyer. Rumor is that Scalia was wearing a replica of Thomas More’s skullcap. No excuse yet for Breyer.

I have mad love for Jill Biden, but I felt that her coat was exactly what I would have lusted after for the inauguration in 2009. It matched Aretha’s hat.

And, somehow, even though it was only about 40 degrees, the men though it was warm enough to spend an hour outside without coats. Because… they’re idiots. Wool suits are warmer than dresses but they’re not actually warm.

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  1. galapagosgal said: I too watched in awe as I realized Michelle’s scarf matched everything else.
  2. ipsadixit said: More must be rolling in his grave
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