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Jan 21 2013

I’ve asked three people what celeb I look like and they all have said “none.”

Which is probably the most TRUE answer but it’s not very fun.

Tell me something more fun?

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  1. karion said: Okay - I finally have an answer. Rachael Leigh Cook.
  2. messily said: I mean Ariel Winter. Who plays Alex on Modern Family. Not awake yet!
  3. messily answered: Alex Winter
  4. losingwins answered: you look like Winnie Cooper
  5. shorterexcerpts answered: I have a friend living in New Orleans who looks almost exactly like you (she’s a lawyer who sings opera on weekends.)
  6. palonka answered: you have a great rack!
  7. sparklingpants said: you look like the hostess at Ma Peche and she was super cute.
  8. lifelibertysilliness answered: Lisa Loeb? But that’s probably because of the glasses?
  9. useyourindoorvoice said: Vanessa Carlton.
  10. librarianpirate said: A skunnier Nigella Lawson, obvs.
  11. herblondness said: Keira Knightley but with a better figure.
  12. lizzletini answered: At least nobody said, “Steve Buschemi” … That would’ve been a life-ruining moment!
  13. nectarlean answered: if i were casting someone to play you in a movie…maybe selma blair
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