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Jan 23 2013

Heating Update:

The pipes are still cold (old buildings in NYC are generally heated by steam from a boiler forced through pipes and radiators). There is an “AC Repair” van outside that’s been there since at least 7am, and I can hear my super yelling (he’s not good for much but he does yell well) at people in the hallway about heat.

I’m wearing two sweaters, a scarf, leggings AND jeans, and cuddling with my dog. A few friends have invited me over but I really would rather be here than go outside ever ever ever again.

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  1. iamdawt said: My best friend has one of those electric fake fireplaces & she said it actually heats up the room. Just a thought.
  2. librarianpirate said: WE FINALLY HAVE HEAT! COME TO CHICAGO! /mom
  3. khealywu said: Cold apartments are the worst. Is your hot water working?
  4. servingbowl said: Maybe order a radiator/heater from amazon? I ordered one and it’s kind of been awesome for when the building isn’t as warm as I want it to be.
  5. radiantmeatball said: Haven’t you watched Law & Order? The “repair van” is actually cops in a sting operation. Y’all are screwed until the real guys get there.
  6. operationfailure said: I hope it gets fixed soon. Stay warm!
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