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Feb 01 2013

Should I do my monthly recaps of what I read in 2013?

I’m about to do my January post, but do you guys even care?

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  1. judiism answered: do it!
  2. kratlee answered: i love reading these.
  3. patty-cake said: Yes!
  4. needtherapy answered: Yes please!
  5. katieinmidlife answered: I like the and I sent them to my daughter who was looking for books!
  6. faithkg answered: yes indeedy
  7. cath-tastrophe answered: Yes!
  8. turningback said: I love reading them!! So yes!!
  9. elapb said: Yes, please!!!
  10. briefwondrouslaura answered: i definitely take your reviews into account when picking things to read. so yes. please.
  11. memory-hole answered: Yes!
  12. thingsthatmakemecry answered: Yes!!!
  13. brainpickings answered: do I care? Nope, but I would read it because your natural reading choice is different than mine and that gives me a new voice
  14. librarianpirate answered: I so care!
  15. babytakesmanhattan answered: oui, s-il-te plait!
  16. stay-c answered: please!
  17. davenport-6 answered: Yes. I enjoy these.
  18. cats-books-donuts answered: YES!
  19. goseecreate answered: yes!
  20. shanapreferspajamas answered: Yes. I agree with all other comments.
  21. youtastelikenachos answered: Yes.
  22. seajo answered: Yes!
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