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Feb 04 2013

I’m about to go to a meeting at a townhouse a few doors down from my apartment where we’ll discuss the construction resulting from the closing of St. Vincent’s Hospital. I think that the lady who generally goes as the representative from my building is trying to dump the responsibility on me, which is fine, as I really like gossip and real estate and this is gossip and real estate combined. No one really knows what Rudin Management has planned and it’s all innuendo and conjecture. I mean, I’ve actually told people “I overheard someone on the street saying xxx, so it might be true” about the construction.

The meeting email reads, “While demolition/construction has progressed, we have not met in a number of months. Obviously the burden has been greater on 11th Street than 12th Street, but it might be useful for all of us to get together to compare notes. One issue is the regularity of Saturday work. I like the idea of speeding up the process, but I am concerned if Saturday work is creating a lot of disruption for those most impacted now, and the precedent for later stages of the project.”


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