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Feb 23 2013

While writing a review of a ya dystopia on goodreads just now I kind of lost it and wrote up a ya dystopian formula.

YA Dystopian Formula: a girl, with strange or beautiful eyes, is somehow different from her peers. Something happens that makes her run or rebel. Things are not as they seem. The girl will have unknown power or knowledge that will save her and her associates unexpectedly. She is instantly in love with either the perfect boy or the perfectly wrong boy, but a love triangle will develop involving the other. Inside the evil dystopia someone unexpected helps her. Someone unexpected will die. But the girl will prevail, the love triangle will resolve itself without anyone truly being upset, and at the end things won’t be completely perfect, but the dystopia will be on its way out.

Am I missing anything?

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    When you said “things are not as they seem”, were you referring to the world? Because I think an important...
  2. orangutannie said: Usually there is some sort of “break up” at some point between the girl and the perfectly wrong boy.
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    Are you under 18 and want to learn about life? Fuck books read The Summer of Megadeth
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