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Mar 22 2013

Spoiled. Pre-birthday rosé champagne.

Eaten with fantastic french fries, as the salty/greasy is a fantastic pairing. Seriously.

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  1. perkieandmowgli said: Rose champagne is the best. Happy birthday!
  2. pizzatoporkpie said: Happy birthday! And there’s a restaurant here in london based on pairing champers with greasy food. It’s called bubbledogs and they serve hot dogs, tater tots and fries along with different champagnes.
  3. karion said: Happy birthday girl! Hope to catch up soon, and hope you have a terrific birthday!
  4. babytakesmanhattan said: Bonne Fete!!!
  5. adeandabet said: In cooking school, our wine pairing teacher’s favorite pairing was rosé & French fries
  6. seajo said: happy birthday!
  7. emilyinternet said: both sound divine!
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