Marcia is Amused.

Jun 15 2013

I have a new hobby.

It’s screaming at Citi Bikers who are riding on the sidewalk, “GET OFF THE SIDEWALK. IT’S ILLEGAL.”

I’ve done it twice in the past 8 hours. It’s incredibly satisfying.

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  1. michelleomatic said: That’s much better than my standard: “sideWALK!”
  2. brainpickings said: It’s illegal to ride a bike on a sidewalk? Really?
  3. sparklingpants said: I do that on the paths in Central Park. Jerks.
  4. glassowhine said: I haven’t been home since CitiBike started, but my old standby is “WHERE’S YOUR HELMET?!”
  5. rissaroni said: i do it all the time in boston…. and refuse to move over for them
  6. heylabodega said: *bell ring bell ring* no I will not get out of your way even if you ring the bell get in the damned bike lane
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